My second supper club adventure…

WordPress helpfully informs me that pretty much nobody is reading my blog, but, just in case: I will be sous cheffing at another of the Messy Cook supper clubs on Saturday 1st September. This time it’s a cheese takeover! We are developing a menu with cheese in every course. Follow the link below for more information…

Tickets on Sale for my Next Supper Club – Cheese Takeover 1st Sept!

This edition of the supper club will be all vegetarian. I’ve blogged before about the fact that I eat cheese made with animal rennet, but everything we use on the night will be suitable for proper vegetarians. For anyone who has been caught in a conversation with me about cheese: this means no Mario The Cheese Man’s cheese, as he uses animal rennet.

Bye for now! Hope to see some of you there for the supper club (Cath, that means you! 😉)

Author: Spoilt Broth

There's too many cooking blogs on the internet. But I love to cook. I love to eat. I love to talk about cooking and eating. So why not write about it too?

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